Growth and Development of women entrepreneurs

The path of growth for women entrepreneurs

Women participate largely in the informal sectors of man economies of the world. This has made women entrepreneurs become underrepresented in many data. They however play a key role in providing locals with food and other necessities. You have probably walked down the street and seen the numerous groceries run by women. These have created markets for local farmers and enabled the distribution of revenue in communities. The growth has largely been restricted by cultural and religious beliefs. Many cultures in developing countries have always considered women as inferior to men. This has thus seen the growth of women entrepreneurs put down strongly. Women are considered as homemakers, and shouldn’t take part in a business. This belief however is fast shifting. Women are securing leadership positions and leading enterprises to grow. Women have also been subjected to unfair business practices with expectations of fast growth even with the challenges.

The achievements of women entrepreneurs

Women have managed to overcome all the challenges thrown to them with the utmost grace. Despite the barriers, women still manage to make a significant and essential contribution to sustainable social and economic development through business creation. They have risen to become captains of industries and running some of the biggest enterprises. Different goals, access to resources, family responsibilities, and business credibility combined with the available opportunities lead to a particular characterization of women entrepreneurs. They have put efforts to lead advancements in education and technology. They have created employment opportunities for people and supported communities through their enterprises. Women entrepreneurs have gone against all odds to make it to the top.



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