Best Cost Cutting Tips for Small Businesses and Startups

10 Money Saving Tips for Small Business

  • Use Cloud-computing and open-source platforms: You will need to install some software in your business like presentations, word processing, accounting and bookkeeping. There are Clouds or open-source options available for free or for a small fee.
  • Go green: Going green helps save the environment and also enhances your business goodwill before your customers. Be it a storefront, office or home-based business, make your place energy-efficient. This will help reduce utility costs. Install LED bulbs and save huge annually. Use appliances only with good energy ratings.
  • Sponsor community events: Several reasons exist why businesses host events periodically which is likely to involve some cost. If you want to save precious money, you can co-host events with other companies or find a sponsor. Your event can gather more support and quality press. Sharing resources is indeed a great way to use your available resources wisely.
  • Use generic brand or own-brand goods: Your business will require different types of items for operation purposes. Why choose expensive brands when you can easily avail of inexpensive generic products at fraction of the cost.
  • Reduce meetings: You may not be aware of the fact that meetings involve lots of money. You need to spend money on the booked room, food served and other expenses. It also includes your employees’ working hours which are lost as they attend the meeting session.
  • Find other relevant businesses to barter with: Bartering might seem an age-old technique but does provide miraculous results even in today’s modern age. It is one of the most effective money saving tips for small business. You can get items or services in exchange for some products/services you manufacture/offer. But do get to know the service/product value to avail and offer to get a favorable deal.
  • Allow fewer hours to employees: Many of your employees may be eager to avail part-time shifts to pursue some passion or interest. Allowing them to do so ensure that you do not lose talent and also save some money in the process. You can also get more work done by them as part-time working hours are a bit more than that of full-time.
  • Hiring knowledgeable and certified employees with little/no experience: Being a small business, there is likely to be less work pressure on your staff. Moreover, there will be not much expertise work involved. Why hire experienced candidates who charge more, when you can hire inexperienced, but qualified people for the post. Hiring competent employees, who are eager to learn at entry-level positions, will help save some money.
  • Contract/outsource some work: Some work may involve requiring domain knowledge and expertise. Hiring highly qualified candidates may be out of the question due to lack of budget and much work. In such a case, you can consider contracting or outsourcing the task to a company or individual. They can get the job professionally, perfectly and on time. In the meantime, you and your staff can focus on core work.
  • Retain result-oriented employees: Employees are the pillar for any business, be it big or small. Without key employees playing a vital role, no business can sustain, prosper or reach the top. Retaining them will mean you do not have to waste precious time interviewing to find the right candidates.




I'm Divya an elegant writer for Tycoonstory Media

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Sree Sree

Sree Sree

I'm Divya an elegant writer for Tycoonstory Media

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